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Mimi Madness To Kiki Calm

Jan 13, 2019

Two years ago was a special turning point for the Mimi team. We discovered Kiki, a magical private meditative yoga master.

Mimi Holliday HQ is nestled in the heart of Primrose Hill, the team are tucked away at the back of our debut store. I met Kiki personally as our daughters were at nursery together. I heard she had her own private yoga studio, perfectly named, ‘Primrose Hill Yoga’. Her classes were for up to five people.

Yoga is something that I has tried about twenty times over 20 years and, I feel awful to say I just didn’t like it. I kept trying to go back but it just didn’t ever click with me. Squashed classes in smart studios, with bottoms literally back to back, and back to face, might have stretched my ligaments and shrugged off some stress, but it was actually exhausting emotionally, rather than meditative and relaxing.

However, what I knew of Kiki at this time, was her incredibly calm, magical and approachable presence, a cheeky sense of humour and beaming smile. This left me feeling that I would like to try a class, with my team from Mimi. Maybe some of this magic would brush up on us.

We chose Wednesdays at midday. The Mimi Office is crazily busy, 12 women and one man running their errands and managing their deadlines, always meant that Kiki was waiting for us-a terrible trait but I must apologise now. Every week, we would arrive bursting with pent up energy and would simply gossip for about 20 minutes... until Kiki would say, ‘Ok. Ladies, lie down’. And then we began.

During those first few breaths Kiki would guide us into a clamed state, almost immediately. We could now breath, slowly… we aloud ourselves to breath.

This tuition fed all of our strengths and weaknesses with a powerful message throughout which enabled us to be any level, and to embrace that, and enjoy it. Energetic or meditation, all, or both. Her class doesn’t have a fixed routine, luckily as this wouldn’t have worked for me. I like to be kept guessing, to be kept on my toes, literally. I like and thrive on variation in sports, and love to be pushed mentally and emotionally.

The team at Mimi have loved our special classes with Kiki and I know its worked, not just for the body movements as this is physical, but I recently had a two MRI’s in succession and amazingly, I meditated my way through the 45 minutes. It’s a wonderful gift to teach someone self control, without them realising it is being taught to them.


What is your p*** star name? (The name of your first ever pet & your mothers maiden name.)
Moo Rosenius

Hvilken ferdighet har du som ikke mange vet om?
I am very good at overflowing baths.

Hva er ditt favorittord?

If you hadn’t trained as a Dr, what career would you have chosen?
I would have worked at Greenpeace

Fullfør denne setningen: Jeg skulle ønske jeg hadde ...
Lots more babies.

Hvis du kunne tilbringe en time med noen fortid eller nåtid, hvem ville det være?
My mummy, she died 5 years ago and I still think of her every day.

What did you last dream about?
Come back to this….

Thong eller knicker, eller ingen?
Thong during yoga and the rest of the time, anything goes!

Most influential moment in your career so far?
Whilst a young Doctor, I was fortunate to meet and work with Professor Andrew Shennan, a pioneer in supporting women who go into labour early. He was incredibly humble and incredibly empathetic.

What is Luxury?
Having time to sit around the table with all my family, laughing and being together. Life can be so busy, but it is these moments that are a luxury.

Hva er det beste råd du har fått?
I went to a Catholic convent, and Sister Goddard advised us never to write down something unpleasant about anyone.

Hvor er ditt favorittsted?

What is your guilty pleasure?
I don’t really feel guilty about anything I do.

Hva er den skummeste tingen du noensinne har gjort og blitt borte med?
I’m not very naughty.

En bok må du klare før du dør?
War and Peace – Tolstoy.

Final comments....?
I love Damaris and her family.

Thank you Kiki, from all of us at Mimi.
Dr Kiki Morris, private Tuition, Primrose Hill London, NW1

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1 Kommentar

  • Sandra P

    I completely agree, I find as a yoga beginner that large group classes are very distracting and I would love to learn to meditate.

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